Virtual Tournaments & Credits


Duckhook Golfers introduces exciting Virtual Golf Tournaments within our Events giving our Golfers the opportunity to win great Prizes and Credits to use toward paying for your future golf events or buy products on our Golf Shop!


Virtual Tournaments allows players to compete in smaller unique and exciting formats to increase the opportunity of winning.


It may be challenging beating a field of 88 players at a Duckhook League event, but joining a Top10 Virtual Tournament, improves the odds when competing against 9 other players!


Tournament options are unlimited, Best of the Par 3’s, Best of Par 5’s, Virtual Match Play competitions, handicap brackets and more!



The Individual Stableford points earned at the League event will be used in the Virtual Tournament you enter. Your points earn will determine what your finishing position is.



Strive to play golf for Free! Entering our Virtual Tournaments gives you the opportunity to win DHG Credits which can be used to play future League Events, enter Special Tournaments and/or spend at our online shop! Credits cannot be withdrawn for Cash.

Enter our Events and Start Earning Credits now :




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Sunday League – Dainfern Top 10 Leaderboard CAREL V/D MEULEN 500 cr.
Sunday League – Dainfern Best of Par 3’s points CAREL V/D MEULEN DHG Driver Covers
Sunday League – Silver Lakes Best of Par 5’s points KEVIN HO New Titleist Hybrid
Sunday League – South Downs Odd Number Strokes Fats Calitz 2 Cases Amstle Radlar
2020 Classic – Win your Tour for Free Best 3 out of 7 Scores to count RUBEN SWART Classic Trip



Simon Meyer R 780.00
Rich Holman R 160.00
Jaco Cloete R 800.00
Gideon Richter R 800.00
Oswald Gibson R 660.00
Lukie Jansen R 310.00
Cobus Engelbrecht R 300.00
Seph Robbertse R 300.00
Okkie Britz R 150.00
Ryan Estment R 200.00
Hanno Oosthuizen R 400.00
Randal Chetty R 1,150.00
Richard Stewart R 340.00
Bryton Ndiweni R 350.00
Yoshi Yanagimoto R 400.00
Andre Kotze R 60.00
Kevin Ho R 110.00
Philipp Allgeier R 50.00
Pieter Prinsloo R 50.00
Carl van der Linde R 450.00
Prinay Panday R 280.00
Rudi Mathee R 350.00
Matt Beneke R 350.00
Graham de Villiers R 200.00
Guy Steele R 350.00
Ronnie Wolhuter R 250.00
Chad Rose R 60.00
Kurt Roman R 250.00
Dean Sherman R 460.00