Loyalty Membership

Loyalty Package – Making a Golf Ecosystem Affordable!

Duckhook Golfers quest to create a Golfing Ecosystem has resulted in a Golf Series that caters for all the needs of a golfer, taking a massive leap in the Social Golf Space as we strive to become undoubtedly the Premier Social Series! 

Duckhook Ecosystem

Connecting all aspects of Golf in one place

What is in the Duckhook Ecosystem?

  • 41 Tournament Golf Series for all and any Golfer to compete in
  • Golf Community
  • Golf Fitting Studio offering a wide range of brands.
  • Golf Simulator for Swing Analysis and Coaching
  • Golf Store to buy Product at a Discount for Loyalty Members
  • Online Live Golf Shows and Content

Take a Duckhook Membership… Here is Why

The pricing structure for events will see two rates. Loyalty Membership Rates and non-Loyalty Rates.

Duckhook Golfers is proud to offer Loyalty Membership Packages with more value to provide golfers an all-inclusive golf offering.

The various new packages offer memberships to the Duckhook Series, Discounted Event Fees, Included Rounds, Accumulate Credits to play free golf, included Teaching Lessons and Swing Analysis to take your golf game to the next Level, and Discount on our Store.

Everything you need to enjoy and improve, experiencing Golf at its best.

Membership/Joining Fee:

As you all know, running a Golf Series of this magnitude does not come without cost. These costs include maintaining the Website, Social Media Platforms, Admin forms part of the Handicap Calculations, Series Standing, Player Ranking Calculations and Major Qualifying and Live Scoring setup.

1st Month Membership Fee:

As payments are made 1 month in advance, your first month’s Loyalty fee is included in your Joining Fee, and your account will only be debited from the following month.

Event / Competition Fees:

All your Event Competition Fees are included in all Loyalty Packages. These are for the Monthly Series events, Majors and Special Events’ entry Fees. 

Event Fees:

You will notice that we have 2 fees for all events.

  1. Loyalty Member Fee – Green Fee for the Event
  2. Visitor/Guest Fee – Green Fee & Comp Fee for the Event

Free Rounds:

The Silver and Platinum Packages include 1 & 2 Free rounds of Golf per Month. These rounds can be used at any Monthly League event throughout the year (Excluding Majors and Special Events)

If you are not able to use a free round in a month, the round will be carried over and added as a additional credited round.

*In the Event that a Player decides to play in all 3 events in a calendar month, your Free Rounds will go toward the Cheaper of the 3 Rounds. Payment should then be made for the more expensive Round that month*

*For Rounds where Carts are Compulsory, i.e. Eagle Canyon and Copperleaf, a Player can use his/her Free Round, but need to pay for the Cart Hire, as this is not included in the Package*

PGA Teaching Professional:

Silver (2x Lessons) and Platinum (Monthly Lesson) included in Membership

GAUTENG: Dylan de Beer @ Jackal Creek Golf Academy & Fanie Viljoen at Glendower Golf Club

Full Player Ranking points

Loyalty Members will receive their full quota of Player Ranking Points. Non-Loyalty Members receive 75% of Ranking Points. Ranking points are used to determine the Player of the Season. Each event has Ranking Points allocated to a finish. 

Swing Analysis and Simulator Golf

Loyalty Members receive vouchers to Golf Concepts (www.golfconcepts.co.za) which can be used anytime during the Season. Voucher do not carry over to the next year. To redeem a voucher contact: fittings@golfconcepts.co.za

Golf Store

Loyalty Members receive a 5% discount on Srixon Product (Clubs, Balls, Gloves, Caps)

General Terms & Conditions

Membership Packages can be upgraded / downgraded at any time, with a 1 Month Notice in writing to Duckhook Golf.

You need to give 2 months’ Notice when cancelling your debit order. A formal letter or e-mail should be sent to membership@duckhookgolfers.co.za to cancel your membership.

Please send all Applications and queries to: membership@duckhookgolfers.co.za

If you have any questions regarding the Loyalty Packages, please feel free to contact us at any time on membership@duckhookgolfers.co.za / mario@duckhookgolfers.co.za