Duckhook Handicaps

The Duckhook Golf Players Handicap

For the Season start of 2022 we have averaged your Duckhook Handicap for 2021 Season. That average determines your Duckhook Handicap Cap. Your 2022 cap will be your average plus 3 shots, so if your Average is 9, your Cap for 2022 is 12. Averages can be found here:

DOWNLOAD – Duckhook Handicap Averages

The DHG Player Handicap Model which runs in conjunction with SAGA.
Duckhook is constantly striving to implement the best and fairest model to benefit all handicapped players from Low to High handicaps.

Players are required to enter their score 24 hours after his round, our Software allows us to run checks on handicaps after a Tournament. If a score is not entered the player will be required to play of 75% of their handicap until rectified.

Players will use the lower of his/her DHG or SAGA handicap.

DOWNLOAD – 2022 Gauteng Duckhook Handicaps After Blue Valley

DOWNLOAD – 2022 KZN Duckhook Handicaps After Selborne

This is how the handicaps will work:

The DHG handicap calculation will continue to be used.
(See equation below)

To Level the playing field even further, we have decided to add in a calculation for exceptional rounds (similar to SAGA).

When a Player plays an exceptional round in a DHG event (40 points or Higher), his/her DHG handicap will be calculated as per normal, x 0.90 instead of x 0.96.
When a player has 2 exceptional rounds (in the last 6 games Played) his handicap will be calculated x 0.80.

The Maximum handicap will remain at 30, as many players compete in the Leagues with official handicaps over 24.

New and un-official players:

New players joining DHG, with an official handicap, will play his/her first DHG event off 80% of their handicap. We will then start calculating the DHG Handicap from then onward.

New players joining DHG who are un-official, will play their first event off a scratch handicap (To ensure he/she can still compete for League and Ranking Standings, he/she will be awarded the field average number of points towards the League and Ranking Leaderboard.), whereafter Duckhook will allocate a handicap to them.

Un-Official Players will play off only 75% of their Calculated DHG Handicap, as it is unfair toward 98% of the players paying to have an official handicap.


The points based system will be determined by the following basic formula, to determine a differential for each round:

RD = (36 – RP) + RH

RD: Round Differential

The calculated amount used to be included in the handicap calculation.

RP: Round Points

The total individual stableford points scored by a player during the Duckhook round.

RH: Round Handicap

The handicap from which the player played the Duckhook round.

Q: Why do you use 36 in the formula?

A: 36 represents the number of points a player will generally score if he plays exactly to his handicap. It is calculated by taking a Net Par (2 points) on each of the 18 holes.


The handicap will be determined by taking the average differential of the best 3 of a player’s last 6 rounds, and then multiplying this average by 96%. Handicaps are round to the nearest full number.

Q: How often will my Duckhook handicap be calculated?

A: The Duckhook handicaps will be calculated after every Duckhook round and will be posted on the Duckhook website.

Q: Why do you use the best 3 of my last 6 rounds?

A: A player’s last 6 rounds is a fair reflection of the form he finds himself in. Using the best 3, eliminates those terrible rounds a player could have, which can blow out a handicap significantly.

Q: What if I have played less than 6 Rounds?

A: If a player has played less than rounds, a percentage will be take for the amount of rounds played.

4 Games Played

Best 1 of 2, AVG x 0.96%
Best 1 of 3, AVG x 0.96%
Best 1 of 4, AVG x 0.96%
 5 Games Played
Best 2 of 5, AVG x 0.96
 Q: Is there a Maximum Handicap?

A: The Maximum Handicap a player can be allocated is a 30.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Which rounds are excluded from the handicap calculation?

Any Knock-out matches played outside of the Duckhook leagues

Please note that even though these events are excluded from the calculation of your Duckhook handicap, they are still to be played off your new Duckhook handicap.

It is Duckhook Golfers discretion to allocated what is deemed the fairest handicap in the instance the calculation does not fairly reflect a players ability.