Rules and Regulations


  • All fourballs in the field are required to use the Live Scoring, The current Application is Golf Gamebook. Please download this app which is Available on IOS and Android platforms.
  • We urge players to register on the  Gamebook, as it is beneficial to the player to find the League Game he is allocated too, as well as the administration of running the Live Scoring.
  • Fourballs are structured to have at least 1 or 2 players who can score in a fourball.
  • If you are unable to use Live Scoring on your cellphone, please inform us so that we can allocate you into a fourball where another player can do Live Scoring for you.
  • Fourball’s not using the Live Scoring will receive a 2 stroke penalty.
  • Please make sure your handicap reflects correctly on the Live Scoring App.


 Why Live Scoring must be used

  • The majority of the field follow the App to see their positions, to improve their immediate leaderboard standings and to see who the eventual winner will be.
    We strive to avoid a situation where a player wins the event on Live Scoring for everyone to see then a player not Live Scoring returns to the clubhouse with more points.
  • Leaderboard pressure plays a big role in the way which players construct their round. For example, as the leader, you see that you have a 4 shot lead, therefore you play the final holes differently. As a par is good enough to win, or if you need 2 putts to win you will take it, etc.
  • With the substantial growth of Duckhook, not only do players use the Live Scoring but spectators outside of the event watch online. This is another reason players not Live Scoring will not be eligible to win as spectators assume that a certain player has won only for it not to be the case.


Late Cancellations
  • Some Golf courses place agreements on discounted rates on the volume of Golfers. Cancellations within 48 hours will be liable for the Green Fees.


Reloading off the Tee

  • If a player hits his ball out of bounds they must re-load, or can take a 2 stroke penalty from the fairway at the point of entry

  • If a player is not sure if his ball is in play, a provisional ball must be played from the Tee Box.

  • If a player fails to re-load when necessary he will score the hole as a black out.



  • Due to the nature of competition and Prizes all Putts must be sunk.



  • All Duckhook events allow for 30cm placing on the Fairway.


Scores Submitted

  • In an effort to keep Duckhook competition as fair as possible all scores from Duckhook events must be entered to reflect the truest player handicap.

  • Players not submitting Duckhook scores into SAGA will be required to play off 75% of their lower handicap until scores are up to date.



  • Duckhook features his own Handicap System, for more information: Duckhook Handicaps which runs in tandem with players SAGA handicaps. The lowest of the two handicaps will be used in Duckhook Events.

  • If you do not have an official handicap your handicap will be at scratch.

  • Duckhook offers to manage a handicap for players who would like to be part of the league. For a players 1st round they have to play off scratch.

  • New players with a Saga handicap are required to play of 80% of their handicap for the 1st event.
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