Frikkie Barnard is the 2019 Duckhook Open Champion!

📁 Blog 🕔03.August 2019
Frikkie Barnard is the 2019 Duckhook Open Champion!

The 3rd Major of the Season, The Duckhook Open, took place at the home of the Open, The Ebotse Link on Friday the 2nd of August.

The Top 32 Qualifying Players from the Thursday and Sunday League took part in arguably the toughest challenge on the entire Duckhook Calendar.

The Qualifying cycle took place over the months of May, June and July. The Open Field consisted of the 2018 Player of the Season, 2018 Thursday and Sunday League Champions, the previous 4 Major Champions including defending Champion Pierre Grobbelaar as well as the League winners during the qualifying period and finally the remaining Top 16 from the Thursday and Sunday Leagues.

The Major format once again being Medal requiring the players to finish every hole over the 6372 meter Links Layout for a share of 3933,664 Player Rankings Points with 850 points going to the Champion.

Starting from the 10th Tee the field teed off from least Individual Stableford Points to Highest points earned over the qualifying period.

The 2019 Edition came down to the Final hole of the Tournament with Dylan Stafford and Karl Jaacks both setting the club house lead on -1.

Dylan Stafford (13) put together a round which included 4 Birdies coming on the Par 4 – 13th, Par 3 – 15th, Par 3 – 2nd and Par 5 – 5th to go with 3 Pars to sign for a -1 (83).

Karl Jaacks (6) steadily made his way through the back nine to shoot a 4 over Par – 39 where after putting an even better front nine together with 6 Pars and 2 Birdies for a 1 over Par 37 to shoot the low round of the day a -1 (76)

Frikkie Barnard (10) stood on the 9th Tee (Final hole) in a tie for the lead needing only to make a Par to secure his 1st Major Title. Reaching this point Frikkie shot 3 over Par 38 on the back nine which included 6 Pars to reach the halfway stage on -2. Reaching the Par 4 – 6th hole still in the lead a Double Bogey saw Frikkie drop from -2 to -1 into a three way tie with 3 holes to play. He went on to Par on the Par 5 – 7th and Par 3 – 8th to reach the final hole needing a Final Par.

It was to be Frikkie’s day after managing to set up a 2 foot Par putt to take the 2019 Open Championship and adding his First Major to his Duckhook career.


1Frikkie Barnard10-2850,00
T2Dylan Stafford13-1425,00
T2Karl Jaacks6-1425,00
T4Pierre Grobbelaar15E209,67
T4Rhyan Jeanson13E209,67
T4Christo Ehlers9E209,67
7Robert Michael25+1153,00
8Francois Calitz11+2136,00
T9Ruben Swart7+3123,25
T9Nico Roets5+3123,25
T11Matt Botwood12+4106,25
T11Andrew Smith15+4106,25
T13Graham de Villiers14+589,25
T13Dhana Perumal8+589,25
T15Tiaan Bekker8+678,63
T15Danie Geldenhuys2+678,63
17Richard Stewart10+772,25
18Peter Zachariou12+868,00
T19Leon van Aarde21+959,50
T19Aldo Fourie10+959,50
T19Dean Sherman7+959,50
T22Dawie v/d Merwe4+1150,15
T22Alan Louw7+1150,15
T22Gideon Richter8+1150,15
25Jacques Sobiech17+1445,05
26Paul Ricketts17+1543,35
27Andre Kotze4+1641,65
T28Rudi Matthee6+2039,53
T28Mazz Lacueva17+2039,53
30Simon Meyer13+2738,25
31Kobus Schoeman19+2837,40
32Ndaba Nkomo11DNF36,55

Duckhook Open Champions

2014Richard MasperoGary Player – Sun City
2015Leedam VercellinoEbotse Links
2016Jason IvinsEbotse Links
2017Jaco GrobbelaarEbotse Links
2018Pierre GrobbelaarEbotse Links
2019Frikkie BarnardEbotse Links

The 2019 Season will Feature the 4 Traditional Duckhook Majors; The Players Championship, The Masters, The Open and the Duckhook Summer Cup.

Qualifying for the invitation only Medal Tournaments, player collect as many Individual Stableford point as possible over a 3 month qualifying cycle to earn the right to compete in the coveted Tournaments.

The Field will include, 2018 Past Champions, 2019 Champions League Champions and the Player of the Season.

Major3 Month Cycle
Players ChampionshipNovember 2018 to January 2019
The MastersFebruary to April
The OpenMay to July
The Summer CupAugust to December

The Masters Field will be comprised of:

2019 Player of the SeasonDanie Geldenhuys
2019 Thursday League ChampionKarl Jaacks
2019 Sunday League ChampionRichard Stewart
2018 Majors ChampionsMazz LacuevaRuben SwartPierre GrobbelaarRichard Stewart
3x Thursday League Winners (May to June)Danie GeldenhuysJacques SobeichDylan Stafford
3x Sunday League Winners (May to June)Jaco de Kock (n/a)Barry Venter (n/a)Danie Geldenhuys
Top 10 Thursday League (Exclu. Winners)
Top 10 Sunday League (Exclu. Winners)

Top 32 Field

*Players Tee off from Lowest to Highest I.S Points Earned

1st TeePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
11:00Pierre Grobbelaar – 52Jacques Sobiech – 64Ruben Swart – 86Paul Ricketts – 88
11:10Kobus Schoeman – 90Gerhard Snyman – 91Dawie v/d Merwe – 91Ndaba Nkomo – 94
11:20Alan Louw – 94Simon Meyer – 94Dylan Stafford – 95Rhyan Jeanson – 95
11:30Leon van Aarde – 96Matt Botwood – 96Graham de Villiers – 97Karl Jaacks -97
11:40Aldo Fourie – 98Richard Stewart – 98Robert Michael – 98Gideon Richter – 100
11:50Rudi Matthee – 100Dean Sherman – 100Nico Roets – 100Andrew Smith – 101
12:00Christo Ehlers – 102Peter Zachariou – 103Frikkie Barnard – 103Mazz Lacueva – 75
12:10Andre Kotze – 103Tiaan Bekker – 105Dhana Perumal – 108Danie Geldenhuys -112

Thursday League Qualifying  – Round 3 of 3

QDanie Geldenhuys1122018 Player of the Season
QKarl Jaacks972018 Thursday League
QPierre Grobbelaar522018 Open Champ
QMazz Lacueva75Players Champ
QJacques Sobiech64Winner: Kyalami
QDylan Stafford95Winner: Irene
7Tiaan Bekker105 
8Andre Kotze103 
9Frikkie Barnard103 
N/ABobby van der Spuy102 
10Christo Ehlers102 
11Andrew Smith101 
12Nico Roets100 
N/AEttiene Pienaar99 
N/APieter Prinsloo99 
13Robert Michael98 
14Graham de Villiers97 
N/ARobbie Butler97 
15Matt Botwood96 
16Rhyan Jeanson95 
17Jason Ivins94 
18Bertus Badenhorst93 
19Mark Borrajeiro93 
20Carel van der Meulen92 
21Darren Burger92 
22Tim Pearman91 
23Simon Meyer91 
24Peter Fraser89 
25Wayne Jeanson89 
SUNDAYRuben Swart86 
27Ryan Estment84 
28Kevin Ho83 
29Francois Kamffer83 
30Dylan de Beer82 
31Bert Pretorius81 
32Paul Ricketts80 
33Joey du Preez75 
34Sarel Steyn74 
35Benno Coetzee72 
36Jamie Sherry70 
37Dorian Fourie69 
38Johan van den Heever66 
39Nerudo Mregi65 
40Gary Havenga63 
41Terance Richardson62 
42Bossie Boshoff61 
43Russell Tandy61 
44Tony Borrajeiro60 
45Wayne Hardaker60 
46Lyle Langley57 
47Prinay Panday55 
48Dave Donald54 
49Luke Jansen53 
50Michael Poncet45 
51Hilton Button37 
52Jose da Mota37 
53Andre Laas36 
54Bartjie de Klerk36 
55Hussein Ismail32 
56Juan du Preez32 
57Guy Steele32 
58Pete Bolton31 
59Jaques Mazims31 
60Muneer Vally31 
61William Clarke30 
62Brendan Havenga30 
63Dawie van der Merwe29 
64Anthony Heiss27 
65Tommie Venter27 
66Chrisjan Jansen27 
67Stefano Marchetti26 
68Yoshi Yanagimoto24 
69Etienne Jacobs22 
70Stephan Gallacher21 
71Neville Havenga21 
72Juan Botha21 
73Chris Bezhuidenhout21 
74Johan van Dyk18 
75John Beauont18 
76Frederik Nel17 
77Mike Comber16 
78Izak Viljoen14 

Sunday League Qualifying  – Round 3 of 3

QRichard Stewart982018 Sunday Champ
QRuben Swart282019 Masters Champ
N/AJaco de Kock63Winner: Wingate
N/ABarry Venter95Winner: Reading
3Dhana Perumal108 
4Peter Zachariou103 
THURSDAYChristo Ehlers102 
5Dean Sherman100 
6Rudi Matthee100 
7Gideon Richter100 
THURSDAYGraham de Villiers99 
8Aldo Fourie98 
N/APieter Prinsloo97 
9Leon van Aarde96 
N/ABarry Venter95 
N/AAlbert Liebenberg94 
10Simon Meyer94 
11Alan Louw94 
12Ndaba Nkomo94 
THURSDAYDylan Stafford91 
13Dawie vd Merwe91 
14Gerhard Snyman91 
15Kobus Schoeman90 
16Paul Ricketts88 
THURSDAYRhyan Jeanson90 
16Jandri Oosthuizen88 
17Bryton Ndiweni88 
THURSDAYFrikkie Barnard88 
18Auret van Tonder87 
19Carl van der Linde87 
20Francois Calitz84 
21Leon Oosthuizen80 
22Robert Michael79 
23Brendon Pretorious79 
24Anrich Fourie78 
25Tiaan Bekker78 
26Mark Richmond78 
27Wayne Jeanson77 
28Marthinus Bekker76 
29Terance Richardson76 
30Wayne Hardaker76 
31Andre Ehlers76 
32Prinay Panday73 
33Louis Jeanson71 
34Dylan de Beer71 
35Chad Rose70 
36Dorian Fourie69 
37John van Deventer68 
38Quinton Metherell67 
39John-John J. van Vuuren66 
40Hanno Oosthuizen66 
41Peter Wiid64 
42Jaco de Kock63 
43Gerhardt Kirchner63 
44Daniel Jacobs61 
45Randal Chetty59 
46Ryan Estment58 
47Adam Ford57 
48Craig Greybe57 
49Wayne McMillan55 
50James Cameron55 
51Greg Shaw55 
52Chris MaWhinney54 
53Michael Dobie53 
54Cornell Erasmus52 
55Don Curle52 
56Nerudo Mregi51 
57Les Roets51 
58Russell Tandy50 
59Joey du Preez50 
60Heinrich Botes48 
61Mazz Lacueva47 
62Nic Coles47 
63Chris Bezuidenhout45 
64Louis du Toit43 
65Bertus van Jaarsveld38 
66Sarel Steyn36 
67Dale Koster36 
68Gavin Parsons36 
69Ryan Kwan35 
70Lukie Jansen34 
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