2017 Duckhook Singles Knockout

2017 Duckhook Singles Knockout

The Match Play format has become a popular format over the Duckhook seasons. Man on Man, Hole by Hole, Putt by Putt…

The 3rd edition of the Duckhook Singles Knockout had no field entry limitation and was open to all players looking to take on the Match Play Challenge.

The Singles Knockout took place from March and finish in November.

Jason Ivins fought his way through the Right Side of the Knockout Draw to win all 5 of his Match-ups to become the 2017 Duckhook Singles Knockout Champion taking the Title, 750 Player Rankings points and R5000-00 Golfers Club Voucher!

Rnd Player 1 Result Player 4
Round of 32 Jason Ivins 5&4 Nusrah Cassim
Round of 16 Jason Ivins 1up Kevin Ho
Quarter Final Jason Ivins 2up Wayne Jeanson
Semi Final Jason Ivins 4&3 Nico Roets
Final Jason Ivins Stroke 1 Frikkie Barnard


Year Champion Runner-up
2015 Andrew Nilsen Francois Calitz
2016 Andre Kotze Alistair Sinclair
2017 Jason Ivins Frikkie Barnard

Duckhook Singles Knockout

ROUND OF  16 87.65
ROUND OF  32 42.60

Draw – 1st Phase

Knockout Proper


Entries Player
1 Mazz Lacueva
2 Francois Calitz
3 Rudolf v/d Berg
4 Charl CockCroft
5 Andre Botha
6 Wayne MacMillan
7 Kevin Ho
8 Andre Malan Jnr.
9 Paul Ricketts
10 Jason Ivins
11 Werner Pretorius
12 Philip Pearce
13 Wichard Cilliers
14 Alistair Sinclair
15 Christo Ehlers
16 Andre Ehlers
17 Rhyan Jeanson
18 Wayne Jeanson
19 Frikkie Barnard
20 Gerhard Snyman
21 Mark Borrajeiro
22 Jaco Grobbelaar
23 Vian van der Walt
24 Ryan Mather
25 Jodi Schultz
26 Gavin Carter
27 Andrew Nilsen
28 Louis Rowan
29 Andrew Smith
30 Nico Roets
31 Bruce du Toit
32 Hugo du Preez
33 Latiff Adam
34 Balan Moodley
35 Tim Pearman
36 Andre Kotze
37 Nusrah Cassiem
38 Jason Dedekind
39 Francois Swanepoel
40 Peter Zachariou
41 Alan Cook
42 Jacques Strydom
43 JP Attwood
44 Guy Steele
45 Ettiene Pienaar
46 Dean Sherman
47 Leeham Vercellino

The Field 

  • No entry limitation.
  • 32 player will compete in the Main Tournament.
  • If there are more than 32 players, qualifying knockout matches will take place.
  • The Top finishing 2016 players will receive byes if necessary.
Competition Fee
  • The Competition fee will be R300-00 to secure a place in the Knockout. The Competition Fee will make up the Prize Pool.
  • Winner: R5000-00 Golfers Club Voucher, Runner-up R1500-00 Golfers Club Voucher, Semi-Final losers R350-00.
  • Entry will be confirmed once the entry fee of R300-00 is paid.
  • If the fee is not paid the player will forfeit his place for the next player on the list.
 Time Frame
  • Players will have one month to complete their match, there after the match will be forfeited and a coin toss will determine the winner.
  • Match Ups can be allocated to Thursday or Sunday League events.
  • Players also have the option to play their Knockout at their own convenience outside Duckhook Events. Please let us know when and where your Knockout will take place.
  • Match Ups will be allocated to the upcoming Thursday or Sunday League course to be played.
  • Players deciding to play their knockout outside of the League Events decide between themselves which course their Knockout will be played.
  • More than one Knockout can be play in a fourball.
 Match Play Format
  • The Knockout will be a Match Play format.
  • Players will play the strokes off the scorecard.
  • The most Stableford points scored on each hole will determine the winner of the hole.
 Event of a Tie
  • In the event of the Match ending in a Tie after 18 holes, the Duckhook stroke 1 count-back rule will apply.
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